Joe Biden Needs Help

“There’s Attorney General Merrick Garland. He’s the third base coach who holds everyone up from scoring. Merrick is hot on the trail of the Supreme Court leaker. He’s bearing down, working hard. Can’t be that many folks who had access to Alito’s file, right Merrick? No rush.” 

(Bill O’Reilly) The 1962 New York Mets were the worst Major League Baseball team ever. They lost 120 games, winning only 40. The manager, Casey Stengel, is said to have blurted out: “can’t anyone here play this game?”

No, was the answer.

The cabinet of President Biden is channeling those Mets. Generally speaking, this is a collection of lazy sycophants who are “advising” an administration that is incompetent beyond belief.

Here is the starting lineup.

Leading off, Vice-President Kamala Harris. Her favorite phrase is: “we’re gonna work together.” On what? Remember, President Biden put Ms. Harris in charge of improving the border disaster. Has the nation seen ANY improvement? No. The Vice-President continues to research the “root causes.” View article →



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