Christian BlazeTV Hosts Blast The Blaze For Supporting Transgenderism

Mark Levin & Glenn Beck

“Absent from the discussion was Jason Whitlock, a Christian cultural commentator with BlazeTV, and unsurprisingly absent were Dave Rubin, Glenn Beck, and Steven Crowder.”

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) Over a year ago, Evangelical Dark Web did a report on how pro-transgenderism Conservative media was, and as it turned out, most of Conservative Inc, was on board. The metrics of the study was to view how Conservative media reported on transgender issues and what pronouns they used. TheBlaze, the online news website for Blaze Media was flagged as a serial offender, despite their prominent hosts who notoriously opposed this.

The Blaze reported on a male transvestite cheerleader choking a female cheerleader and proceeded to dignify the male transvestite’s sexual fetish with preferred pronouns, the impetus for the choking in the first place. The article titled 25-year-old transgender cheerleader kicked out of cheer camp after allegedly choking female teammate for saying she is a ‘man with a penis’ is the source of this.

BlazeTV host and prominent Christian activist, Steve Deace called the company out in a quote Tweet.  View article →



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