Rachel Levine Is A Quack Pharma-Backed Group To Normalize Disembodiment

According to the LGBTQ Victory Institute, in November 2020, they and their partners “were working with the transition team to field and identify potential candidates for appointed positions in the Biden-Harris administration,” the group continued, further explaining that their goals included pressing the Biden administration to have an LGBTQ cabinet member, an LGBTQ Supreme Court justice, transgender ambassadors, and that “openly LGBTQ people receive equitable representation among presidential appointees.”

(Jennifer Bilek – Human Events) How does a dangerous man like Dr. Rachel Levine wind up in the White House, spewing potentially deadly information to the public about drugs to treat children distressed about their sexed bodies? He was backed by The Victory Institute, which works to get LGBTQ activists into top levels of power in the US.

According to the group’s website. “When LGBTQ presidential appointees are empowered, they can significantly influence the policies and direction of agencies and the executive branch to make positive change for LGBTQ people.”

Read: In this instance, push forward gender identity industry policies and laws that harm children and profit the medical-industrial complex by promoting dissociation from one’s sexed body as progressive. View article →


Research: Homosexual – LGBTQ Agenda


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