IRS: Bigger, Nosier, Meaner

Over half of the $80 billion ($45.6 billion) allocated to the IRS is earmarked for tax enforcement. This includes enhanced audits, legal support, criminal investigations, collections, digital asset monitoring, and more. And, of course, the selling point of enhancing the IRS’s enforcement division is hundreds of billions in more revenue for the government.

(Thomas Gallatin – The Patriot Post) With the erroneously titled Inflation Reduction Act on the edge of being passed in the Democrat-controlled House, thanks to Senator Joe Manchin’s about-face on Joe Biden’s spending boondoggle just over a week ago, Americans can expect to see a dramatic increase in the size of the Internal Revenue Service….

And Democrat claims to the contrary notwithstanding, middle-class taxpayers will soon feel the heat of tens of thousands of more IRS employees seeking to pounce on any tax-filing blunder.

With $80 billion in new budget allocation over the next decade, all of which ultimately comes from taxpayers, combined with the addition of some 87,000 new IRS employees, the notion that this legislation will have no impact on the average taxpayer, as the Biden administration insists, simply doesn’t pass the sniff test. According to a U.S. Treasury official, “The resources to modernize the IRS will be used to improve taxpayer services — from answering the phones to improving IT systems — and to crack down on high-income and corporate tax evaders who cost the American people hundreds of billions of dollars each year.” View article →



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