We Are Not a Republic & the FBI Is ‘Sort of a Private Stasi’

“Mr. Hanson noted that the FBI has become a retrieval service for the Biden family. If you lose a diary, go get the FBI to fetch it, march the person who might have it out in his underwear and then have CNN film it.”

(Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) Historian Victor Davis Hanson (VDH) states that we are no longer a Republic and he backs it up in the clip below from his appearance last night on Life, Liberty, and Levin. He said we are in “transition to a radical democracy.”….

On any given day, if they have the votes, they’ll do it. There are no guardrails or following the Constitution. On any given day, they do as they please. It is how they operate.

VDH believes we are in a revolutionary posture. The Constitution isn’t stopping the mass hysteria that is now in play. We have the Jan. 6th committee which resembles The Public Safety Committee of the French Revolution. Like the public safety committee, Jan. 6 is out to destroy a particular person – Donald Trump. Dick Cheney made that clear when he said in an ad that his daughter is there to destroy a candidate. View article →



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