The World Wants No Part of Woke, But It’s Glad We Do

“Woke means that Americans have less money, labor, and time to hone their military readiness. They will produce less competitive energy, but more pseudo-science, non-meritocratic advancement, and unsound investment — all reasons why America will no longer dominate the world.”

(Victor Davis Hanson- American Greatness) The United States obsesses over whether biological men can compete in women’s sports as transgendered males.

Crime is spiking at levels not seen in 40 years. But it is considered racist to suggest that arrests, indictments, convictions, and incarcerations deter crime.

Major U.S. downtowns almost overnight went from mostly safe and clean to terrifying and toxic—and we brag that we are at least “tolerant” of the medieval conditions.

The Pentagon and CIA put out recruitment videos that sound like kindergarten diversity, equity, and inclusion programming.  View article →



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