White Horse Inn Tells Pastors They’re Causing Homosexuals to Commit Suicide by Preaching Truth

“Social Religion is eating away the Body of Christ. Even the best theologians, like Michael Horton, are completely abandoning the Gospel-commitment they’ve fought their entire careers for, in exchange for sitting at the cool kids’ table of wokeness.” – Pulpit & Pen

(The Dissenter) Michael Horton, a well-known theologian in Reformed-ish Evangelical circles and host of the popular podcast, White Horse Inn, in 2020, denounced support for Donald Trump as “The Cult of Christian Trumpism” in a piece at The Gospel Coalition.

Horton has been a highly-esteemed theologian and his Systematic Theology on the Christian Faith has been read by many, including this author. But, sadly, Horton has been increasingly embracing the pseudoreality of the woke movement and more over the last few years. View article →


Michael Horton Gets ‘Woke’: A Review of His Doctrinal Drift

3 Ways Michael Horton Has Failed Us

Same-sex attraction – Michael Horton interviews SSA “Christian” Sam Allberry


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