The recipe for a Democrat October surprise

A year ago, I would have thought this scenario impossibly absurd.  I also never thought an ex–U.S. president’s home could be raided by the FBI, or a current president could make such a hateful, incendiary, and shall I say “semi-fascist” speech.

(Andrew Thomas – American Thinker) Start with one divisive presidential speech accusing 74 million voters of being enemies of the state.  Add two Marine guards against a blood-red background for flavor.  Whip up the base.  Stir in a large pool of resentment and bring to a boil.  Sprinkle in a large contingent of FBI operatives to mix with low-intellect stoned bloggers living in repair shop basements and calling for civil war.

Bake for a few weeks and allow resentment to rise.  The FBI will supply the necessary heat and preparation to foment Insurrection 2.0.  Frost the cake with the state-controlled news and social media reacting in horror and disgust at the evil, violent actions of MAGA Republicans.

This is the recipe for a Democrat October Surprise. View article →



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