‘The Truth About Ivermectin’: The Motives Behind the War on Life-saving Medicine

“For the first time in my entire career, I was not able to be a doctor,” Dr. Paul Marik, the most published intensive care specialist in the world, testified in the U.S. Senate. “I had to stand by idly … watching these people [my patients] die.”

(Veronika Kyrylenko – The New American) “Of all the harmful misinformation spread over the past couple of years, one of the most disturbing false narratives was targeted at the Nobel Prize winning HUMAN medicine, Ivermectin,” opens the short film “The Truth About Ivermectin” by Mikki Willis (video embedded below).

Of all the seemingly erratic and inconsistent elements of the “Covid pandemic response,” the most bewildering part is the well-organized and coordinated smear campaign against and active suppression of the repurposed drugs that showed efficacy against Covid. One of those repurposed drugs is ivermectin, a decades-old antiparasitic and antiviral drug that was first approved for human use in 1987. View article →


Yale Professor Emeritus on the Biggest Pandemic Lie – Treatment


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