Brilliant Analysis of Civilization on the Brink and What We Can Do

“If you tell middle-class people you can’t fill up their gas tank, make them pay for someone who is a gender studies major in New York, and keep calling them names like fascists, and marry that with an agenda that makes it impossible for them to succeed, then…the people who kept this country going will be gone. He points to the military’s inability to get enough recruits.”

(Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) Civilization, as we know it, is on the brink of extermination and the people who will fight for its continuation are the middle class. The Left has all the resources and is the face of the new totalitarianism. We must fight back by speaking out. We are looking at an insidious crisis of civilization.

Don’t be discouraged by the beginning of the interview with John Anderson in which Victor Davis Hanson explains what Donald Trump is doing wrong and needs to change. He supports Donald Trump. Hear him out and then listen as he brilliantly describes our very desperate situation as we sit on the precipice of becoming a much darker and more dangerous world.

Democrats won’t talk about extraordinarily high inflation, high gas prices, Afghanistan, so, what they do is talk about January 6th. Republicans are reactive instead of following the Newt Gingrich model of telling people what they would do in the first 100 days to solve each national problem. View article →



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