Wizard of Oz Remake to Include LGBTQ Propaganda According to Interview With Director

“All of the popular kid’s cartoons from Disney to Peppa Pig are being transformed into indoctrination programs designed to turn a child’s natural aversion to abnormal sexual behavior into favorable admiration. Parents are taking their children to drag queen shows everywhere. It’s not even considered unusual anymore, let alone repulsive, as it should be.”

(The Dissenter) “Everything that you assumed or thought was normal in the world, or everything you thought was true about your tradition, your denomination, your own family, I’m going to pull the veil back, and what looked like this beautiful narrative of faithfulness and orthodoxy, and of truth and righteousness and justice, I’m going to peel that back and I’m going to show you the rotting corpse of white supremacy that’s underneath the surface.”

Those were the words of Matthew Hall, the former provost of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary as he sat around with a group of woke social justice activists while decrying the normalcy of civilized behavior in our nation. Under the umbrella of these off-the-cuff comments would be such “family values” as the nuclear family, heterosexuality, law and order, individual responsibility, and just civilized behavior period. View article →





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