‘Top of Mind’: The ghost of prosperity past

“Verbal masking cannot hide the big trouble this country is in. Two years ago, the USA had the most vibrant economy on earth. Today, it’s heading for shambles territory, and Joe Biden has no clue how to reverse things or solve any problem, for that matter. The Dow was down another 500 points on Friday.”

(Bill O’Reilly) Hunter Thompson once wrote: “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” And that’s exactly what’s happened in the White House communications office.

Jen Psaki was a spinner extraordinaire. But she dished in a way that was fairly rational. Now, we have her successor, Karine Jean-Pierre, and I have no idea what is taking place.

You might have seen President Biden last week looking for a dead person, the late Congresswoman Jackie Walorski. Mr. Biden wanted to thank her for working to end hunger. A noble gesture.

Problem is Ms. Walorski was killed in an auto accident about two months ago. Apparently, the President had forgotten and paced the stage asking for “Jackie.” View article →

O’Reilly’s title: Top of Mind



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