The Democrat Jesus

Democrat Jesus “attempt to recruit Jesus Christ to their cause by some spectacular mangling of the Christian scriptures. They are the living incarnate embodiment of worshiping the creature rather than the creator. They worship themselves and have created a false god and a false Jesus in their own image.”

(The Dissenter) I hear a lot of tripe today from leftists who complain that conservatives believe in a “Republican Jesus” or something insane like that. The argument is that the “Republican Jesus” is xenophobic, sexist, racist, and homophobic—or some combination of these pejoratives depending on one’s devotion to the ideals of the Democratic platform. In reality, leftists are attempting to smear Jesus by tying Republican politics to the theology of conservative Christians.

But the smear campaign from the left against Jesus is really nothing more than an attempt to dissuade Christians from holding to a biblical worldview in politics. For the leftist, the vilification of Jesus boils down to a hatred of biblical theology—a hatred of God Himself. View article →



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