Why the Pro-Life Movement is Compromised, and Why Abortion Abolition is the Only Path Forward

(Protestia) Do you call yourself “Pro-life?” Understand, there is a significant and growing internal conflict among the self-described #Prolife. It is not going away. Some know this and have begun to try to confront it. There are at least three groups within the current Pro-life Movement.

Let’s briefly consider each Pro-life group. This is so important because this modern holocaust 10x that of Hitler’s is ours to steward and legally abolish. Where do you stand? (1) ESTABLISHMENT or BIG PRO-LIFE; (2) CONFLICTED-CONSISTENT; & (3) BLURRY MIDDLE.

GROUP 1: THE ESTABLISHMENT or BIG PRO-LIFE. On May 12, 2022, 70+ Pro-life organizations, self-described as “America’s leading advocates for life,” released a letter defining & defending their long-standing strategy. Here are four tenets of their position. View article →


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