Biden is a ‘do-nothing’ president with no managerial capability

“The most vital shortages are in food and energy. It’s hard to convince Americans that their number one issue should be the 20-year impact of Climate Change when the shelves at the local grocery are emptying or the cost of gasoline to fill up the car is half a day’s wages.”

(David Reavill’) November of 1948 was the almost perfect analogy to today. Like today, the country was slipping into Recession. President Harry Truman was running in an uphill reelection battle. His opponent, Thomas Dewey, was the odds-on favorite to win the Presidency.

But, like today, there was unease in the country. People realized that things needed repair. The essential management role of the government was failing. Truman was able to pin that failure on a Republican Congress. A Congress that would rather endlessly debate the ideological issues of the moment than manage the day-to-day operation of the government. Truman called them the “Do Nothing Congress.” View article →

David Reavill’s title: The “Do-Nothing” President


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