Red Wave Rising

“Musk is yet another example of prominent liberals like Joe Rogan, Tulsi Gabbard, Bill Maher and even Jon Stewart who are realizing just how insane the left has become.”

(Gary Bauer – The Patriot Post) All signs continue to suggest there is a growing Republican wave sweeping across the nation. For example:

    • JD Vance is up five points in the Ohio Senate race.
    • Kari Lake, a rising conservative star, is up 11 points in the race for governor of Arizona. If she wins, she will immediately become a prominent leader in conservative, populist politics.
    • The Arizona Senate race is now a “Toss-up” contest.
    • Chuck Schumer admits that Democrats are “going downhill” in Georgia.

  • Adam Laxalt is leading in Nevada.
  • General Don Bolduc is charging hard in New Hampshire.
  • The first post-debate poll shows Dr. Oz leading in Pennsylvania.
  • Governors’ races that once seemed out of reach — Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, Oregon and Wisconsin — are closing fast.
  • A critical ballot initiative that could enshrine abortion on demand in the Michigan constitution and allow children to be sterilized is a toss-up.
  • More House races are moving in our direction.
  • And there are sleeper races, such as the New Mexico gubernatorial contest, where pro-life conservative Mark Ronchetti is making a serious run against the liberal incumbent Democrat. (If you are looking to invest additional resources, this is one to consider!)

That said, I continue to be deeply concerned that many critical contests appear to be close — with just a point or two separating the Democrat and Republican candidates.  View article →



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