Big Brother Moves to De-certify McCullogh, One of the Few Doctors With the Courage to Speak Out About COVID

“The writing is on the wall: Fall in line or lose your livelihood. This is no surprise. Biden called for the unvaccinated to be fired. New York City’s former bolshie mayor Bill De Blasio wouldn’t allow the unvaccinated to buy a donut in a diner.”

(Kevin Downey JR. – PJ Media) Big Brother hates being proven wrong and will punish those who are right. Welcome to the Dystopian States of America.

Dr. McCullough has been loud and proud when it comes to calling out the B.S. surrounding the dangers of the Bat Stew Flu and the efficacy of what some are still calling COVID-19 “vaccines.”

FACT-O-RAMA! As per Johns Hopkins University, 98.9% of Americans who contract the Hong Kong Fluey will survive. This stat does not count the hundreds of thousands of people who caught COVID but did not report it to the feds. Nor does it consider all the kids who caught COVID but had no idea because they were asymptomatic. It’s not unreasonable to suggest the survival rate is closer to 99.2% if not higher.


The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) sent a letter to Dr. McCullough in May 2022 warning him to shut up and get down with the storylines spewed out by the medical powers that be or lose his livelihood. View article →



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