China’s President Xi Personally Oversaw Biden’s CEFC Deal

“CEFC was China’s largest energy company. It served as the so-called private sector arm of Xi’s One Belt One Road Initiative. It’s part of Xi’s effort to control the world through economics. Hunter, Joe, and Joe’s brother Jim were to become frontmen for the Belt and Road Initiative.”

(Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) Garrett Ziegler is a former Trump staffer with a small non-profit research firm, Marco Polo USA dot org. He and his team spent 13 months investigating Hunter Biden’s laptop, concluding with a 630-page report. It has over 2,000 citations and 459 crimes committed by the Biden family and their business associates.


Ziegler says in his recorded introduction:

In this laptop, here, we not only have foreign collusion, but we have money laundering, sex crimes between Hunter Biden and multiple women (including his under-aged niece), and what we want to do is something that every single mainstream outlet is not going to do. And they’re not going to do it, and they’ve had the chance now for almost a year because a lot of them have had it since October.

What we want to do is for the historical record, so in 500 years, when people read about America they know that Joe Biden, who was the Manchurian candidate and who became the installed Manchurian president, exactly how he is compromised. And his son Hunter is one of the most corrupt, disgusting members of any American First Family in the history of the country. View article →


Tony Bobulinski on sharing evidence with the FBI on Hunter Biden – YouTube


Hunter Biden saga


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