The Marxist general in the American Civil War

“The Obama machine is committed to winning not only the American civil war but what Bertil Haggman…calls a “planetary civil war.” We are in the midst of this revolution, which has been carried forward by Barack Hussein Obama, as we saw in his appearances on the campaign trail. He is the real power behind China Joe.”

(Cliff Kincaid – RenewAmerica) Despite claims of a MAGA Red Wave on November 8, Barack Hussein Obama—America’s first Marxist president—emerged from the shadows and orchestrated a Democratic Party comeback that has effectively blocked any Republican effort in Congress to root out communism and corruption.

The puppet master behind China Joe, Obama understands Marxist strategies of gaining and maintaining power. He outmaneuvered the naïve MAGA Republicans who believed their own propaganda of a Red Tsunami.

Stephen K. Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, and other self-proclaimed MAGA spokesmen had predicted massive Republican gains, including 50 seats or more in the House. As of this writing, Republicans may get a slim House majority. Control of the Senate is still undecided.

MAGA candidates in Pennsylvania, where they should have done well, were crushed. View article →


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