Report: Former Ravi Zacharias International Ministries Leaders are ‘Disqualified’ For Unrepentant Abuse and Deceit

“Our determination is that Michael Ramsden, Sarah (Davis) Phillips, and Abdu Murray have not displayed a godly sorrow nor demonstrated the fruit consistent with repentance for their actions. They have acknowledged that “mistakes were made” but have not specifically owned their actions or expressed remorse to those they hurt. Nor have they repaired the damage they have caused.” 

(Debbie Licona) On December 22, 2020, Miller & Martin PLLC released an interim report on its “independent investigation into allegations of sexual harassment raised against Ravi Zacharias.”[2] The interim report “found significant, credible evidence that Mr. Zacharias engaged in sexual misconduct over the course of many years.” This abuse was consistent with that which was reported in the past and in the news. More serious abuse was also uncovered.

Even before that interim report was published, numerous current and former RZIM staff members made public statements reporting abusive treatment of RZIM employees who dared to advocate on behalf of Zacharias’ reported victims or question Zacharias’ innocence going back to the Lori Anne Thompson allegations in 2017. The employees speaking out included Dr. Max Baker-HytchJordan Thyer, Rev. Dr. John DicksonSam AllberryDaniel Gilman and Carson Weitnauer.

On January 11, 2021, a group of Christian apologists and philosophers published an open letter stating, “We are united in urging Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) to approach the current investigation with transparency and objectivity with a view to full disclosure of the facts to the public. Where necessary, the RZIM Board of Directors and leadership should also both openly acknowledge their own complicity and initiate institutional reforms at RZIM as well as provide restitution to those wronged.” View article →


The Revi Zacharias saga


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