‘Transitioning’ Kids: Your Tax Dollars at Work

“The Biden administration is planning to force doctors to perform “sex changes” and other “transition”-related surgeries, and the American taxpayer will fund it. It’s no wonder, then, that “gender clinics” have been popping up around the country. After all, enticing children to undergo gender-transition surgery is lucrative big business these days.”

(Brian Mark Webber – The Patriot Post) We all grumble about paying taxes — at least those of us who pay them. In the end, however, we dutifully send our money to the IRS each paycheck or each spring in the hope that the fruit of our labor will result in paved roads, safe bridges, and a sufficiently funded military.

Without a doubt, some of those taxpayer funds will be wasted on outrageous government programs such as environmental research into the mating patterns of frogs. And who can forget the military’s overpriced toilet seat, which now costs 10 grand?

But sex changes for children? Say it isn’t so.

Sadly, it is. View article →

Research: Homosexual – LGBTQ Agenda


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