Mistakes, Misconceptions and Misuse of the Christmas Story that Misrepresent the Magnitude of its Message

“Parents must not fall into the quicksand of modern celebration by succumbing to the Santa Claus myth which distorts the truth of Christ’s birth by subtly blending truth with the myth of Santa Claus. Parents must never lie to their children about Santa Claus, making him similar to Christ who knows when you’ve been good or bad.”

(Don Boys) A Man was born and lived in the Middle East many centuries ago who has vastly influenced my life. I cannot look at a sunset, watch hummingbirds hover at my kitchen window, observe the intricacies of a rose, or hear the lisping of a child singing, “Jesus Loves me this I know,” without thinking of that Man and His lasting impact upon the world.

When Christ was born in Bethlehem, God came to visit the earth with His plan for every person’s personal redemption.

However, Christ did not accomplish what is normally considered greatness during His more than three-year ministry. He did not raise or lead an army yet has more followers than any military leader; he never wrote a book, yet more books have been written about Him than any other person who has lived. He did not pass any laws yet his command to love those who hate you and love your neighbor turned a violent, vicious, and vile culture into a thriving civilization. View article →



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