Any Unchecked Sin Is Ruinous

(Justin Huffman) I was thinking this past week about cases where a person who has been a professed believer, maybe even a well-known Christian leader, falls into public sin or even apostasy, walking away from the Christian faith. Sadly, there have been many such cases in the news lately.

We often think, and maybe even say, afterward that in hind sight there were some tendencies we could see in that person’s life that led to their eventual demise:

“I did notice he treated his wife very coldly, so come to think of it adultery is not that surprising”, or

“I do recall now that they were always seeking approval from people, so I suppose its only natural that they followed that bad crowd”, or

“I did hear her constantly complaining about her circumstances, so I guess we shouldn’t be shocked that she ended up declaring she was angry with God and deciding not to be a Christian any more.” View article →


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