False Assumptions Behind Youth Gender Transitions

“According to SEGM, studies that are cited by the transgender cult and proponents of radical leftist gender theory are extremely flawed and misleading, and unsupported by evidence. Trans-cultists often claim that brain studies show distinct differences in the brains of trans-identifying individuals—but those studies are bogus, according to SEGM.” – Matt Margolis, PJ Media

(Society for Evidence-based Gender Medicine) The highly medicalized approach to managing gender distress in youth, integral to the “gender-affirmative” care model, rests on several key assumptions. Publications promoting “gender affirmation” of youth fail to explicitly call out these assumptions—or misrepresent these problematic assumptions as proven facts.

A recent publication by J. Cohn examines several key assumptions that underlie an influential “pro-affirmation” paper published by the prestigious journal, Nature. These assumptions permeate much of the “gender-affirming” literature more generally, including the most recent publication co-authored by the same author (Rosenthal). Cohn critically examines and cogently refutes each of the assumptions, observing that they range from entirely unproven to demonstrably false. View article →


Research: Homosexual/LGBTQ Agenda


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