Matt Gaetz, Mad Genius

“It’s more than fair to call last week’s festivities a circus. The thing about circuses is, they’re a lot like the cotton candy they serve: enjoyed in the moment and quickly forgotten….So what about the substance? PJ Media detailed that over the weekend, so you might have missed it.”

(Stephen Green – PJ Media) It’s easy to dismiss Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, with the perfectly coiffed hair, the beach tan, the made-for-TV theatrics, and what I assume must be veneers. It’s easy — but it’s wrong, as new (and newly chastened) House Speaker Kevin McCarthy learned last week.

Gaetz appears — and I stress the word “appears” — to be almost a caricature of the typical politician who cares about exactly one thing: publicity. Publicity and fundraising. Gaetz appears to be the kind of politician who cares about two things: Publicity, fundraising, and delivering the pork back home.

Among the things a typical politician cares about are… View article →



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