Rachael Denhollander has conflicts of interest in relationship with SBC Abuse Hotline

“So the leftists got control of the SBC Executive Committee and Credentials Committee over a year ago. Supposedly over sex abuse. Hundreds if not thousands of churches were covering it up, don’t you know. So we were told, anyway. And yet, more than a year later, the so-called ‘reformers’ haven’t found a single church to disfellowship for violating the anti-sex abuse rules. Not even one.”

(Capstone Report) The Southern Baptist Convention is directing abuse reporters through its Abuse Hotline to an abuse advocate and lawyer Rachael Denhollander. Unfortunately, new revelations reveal not only Denhollander’s conflict of interest but also, she is secretly directing abuse survivors to lawyers who could file lawsuits against the SBC and directing the abuse survivors to friendly members of the press—in what is clearly a pressure campaign against the SBC….

So, it would appear the Southern Baptist Convention is funding a system where abuse victims are routed to a lawyer who advises alleged abuse victims on tactics to maximize financial and reputational harm to the SBC.

Abuse survivor and appellate lawyer Christa Brown made the stunning revelations in a new column posted by Baptist News Global and then revealed supporting documentation on Twitter. According to the documents posted on Twitter…. View article →



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