Doug Wilson Doubles Down On Errant Side B Theology

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) Last week we were sent Doug Wilson’s response to the ongoing controversy over his support of Side B theology. This effort was led by Jared Moore and his appearance on the Conversations That Matter podcast jumpstarted a conversation of Doug Wilson’s views that Doug Wilson has finally responded to. Doug Wilson would write over 4000 words addressing the issue, but rather than coming to an agreement, Doug Wilson appears to double down on his errors in dramatic and academic fashion.

Much of this controversy arose after it went viral that Doug Wilson said he had homosexual Christians in good standing in his church and also had a clip in which he stated that homosexual desires were not sinful, in and of themselves….

This, combined with his seeming affirmation of orientation, is a cookbook recipe for Side B theology, and many conservative Christians were shocked Doug Wilson would be peddling the same theology as the enemies within the church, just with extra steps.

In a response post titled “Concupiscence Is As Concupiscence Does,” Doug Wilson’s colloquial title is followed by 4389 words that intend to outlast a casual critic of his previous stance on a simple and necessary issue. View article →


Doug Wilson’s Hamartiological Orientation By David Morrill

Jon Harris’s Conversations that Matter podcast: Evangelical Compromise on Same-Sex Attraction with Jared Moore




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