Blame Mexico

“It really was infuriating to watch the three amigos standing side-by-side playing their cynical game. Nothing will get better on the border or with drug interdiction until Washington holds Obrador and his crew accountable….” 

(Bill O’Reilly} As the South Park wise guys surely understand, the three amigos exposition in Mexico City last week was a total farce. I hope Biden, Trudeau, and Obrador got some good meals out of it, at least. I mean, all this working together for the good of the people stuff is a cruel lie….

Mexico works against its own people and certainly harms the citizens of the United States and Canada. So, how about some truth-telling?

Here’s the backup written especially for Kamala “Root Causes” Harris. Right now, 44 percent of the Mexican people live below the poverty line, average annual wage short of $17,000. View article →



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