Christian Media Runs Cover For Andy Stanley

“None of this compromise is new. And while its great that Stanley’s longstanding compromise is getting the coverage it needs, aside from online discernment ministries, it’s not getting the coverage it deserves. Andy Stanley is a false teacher, and Christian news reporting needs to be clear on this.”

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) Every now and then, it’s good to take stock in the victories of discernment ministries. Truth be told, we put Andy Stanley on blast for his views on homosexuality. Andy Stanley would be in a shortlist of most influential pastors in America. Truth be told, I attended a church heavily influenced by Stanley for a couple of years, and as a believer, I always felt that something wasn’t right….

Prior to the launch of Evangelical Dark Web, there was a plethora of evidence that Andy Stanley was a false teacher.

Despite this, Big Eva has long tolerated the prodigal son of Charles Stanley. In 2019, JD Greear, then president of the Southern Baptist Convention, had an extended dialog with Stanley. But in 2023, a relatively small twitter account would go viral posting this video of Stanley. View article →


Andy Stanley

Discernment – how do you know if you possess spiritual discernment?

Heresy: Antinomianism


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