Several ‘Christian’ Bands Perform Alongside Satanic Ritual at Grammys

The Grammy Awards presentation is sponsored by Pfizer.

“…contemporary worship artists…shared the stage with this strange fire as groups like Maverick City Music, Kirk Franklin, and Elevation Worship were there for a purpose—to receive their own recognition and have their own moments of fame. They were certainly not there to glorify God.”

(The Dissenter) Jesus told Christians to be set apart from the world. Yet, somehow in modern times, what passes as “Christianity” is virtually indistinguishable from the paganized culture and is often designed that way on purpose.

As we’ve written about numerous times over the years, the contemporary worship scene is essentially a launching pad for worldly-minded wannabe celebrities to make a name for themselves and often eventually abandon Christianity altogether for secular music. Therefore, closely aligning the culture of their music and lifestyle with that of the secular music industry gives them a better chance at making it. View article →



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