They’re Readying a Vaccine for a Marburg Virus Pandemic

“In 2020, Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar issued a new notice of declaration under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act to provide immunity for activities related to ‘countermeasures’ against Marburg virus and/or Marburg Disease. That’s exactly what they did with COVID. It’s happening again.”

(Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) There is an outbreak of the Marburg Virus in Equatorial Guinea. Yesterday the WHO confirmed the recently identified hemorrhagic fever cases in Equatorial Guinea as Marburg fever. While just one positive test has been reported, there are 16 suspected cases, with nine deaths.

Bill Gates predicted a worse virus than COVID would arise after COVID. He warned of ebola or a hemorrhagic virus as the next pandemic. He must be amazingly prescient.

The WHO called an emergency meeting of the Marburg virus vaccine consortium, led by Philip Krause, to receive an urgent update on possible vaccine candidates. View article →



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