The Time of the End

20 Come, my people, enter into your rooms And close your doors behind you; Hide for a little while Until indignation passes by. 21 For behold, Yahweh is about to come out from His place To visit the iniquity of the inhabitants of the earth; And the earth will reveal her bloodshed And will no longer cover those of hers who were killed. Isaiah 26:20-21 (LSB) 

God is Sovereign! He has always been and always will be Sovereign. I use Gmail as my main email. Unfortunately Google embeds ads in the interface just above the control buttons. Sometimes I will see something interesting there and click it. Usually I regret it. I once saw one that advertised a study that was supposed to show the real definition of Hyper-Calvinism…. I am Reformed in my Theology, but I abhor Hyper-Calvinism. I know that many confuse the two, so I hit the link to see what it was. The formula this writer of the document used to determine if a person was Hyper-Calvinistic was if all they talked about was God’s Sovereignty and glory instead of insisting on man’s responsibility. While I can see what the writer was trying to say I also saw that even though he agreed that God was sovereign, he still was not sovereign over man’s will. I read about half the document then gave up because the further I read the less sovereignty God had and the more man had. I had to go get a cold drink of water after that because it left a very bad taste in my mouth. Isn’t this the very essence of man’s rebellion against God? View article →


Reposted from August 2020