The Asbury Revival is False. Here’s Why.

“The Asbury “revival” is a product of social media. It was not a revival until someone posted a video of the gathering on TikTok. It was labeled a revival, and the video went viral. The footage reveals young people swaying, as if in a trance, while the music played. There are interludes during the worship when students repented and testified. When compared with genuine revivals, the Asbury gathering comes up well short of being a genuine revival. I will explain, but I must provide some information.”

(C.H. Fisher – Truth Keepers) It amazed people that Christians practiced a fundamental component of Christianity in a Christian college. Imagine attending a church meeting where the majority brought bibles. Would that make the national news? If it did, why? Leonard Ravenhill said something to the effect, “We are so subnormal; if we became normal, people would think we were abnormal.”

Nonetheless, a stream of heretics, hirelings, false prophets, and other religious scalawags are heading to Wilmore, Kentucky, to get involved. Perhaps it is in the hope their association with the “revival” will wash some of the stains from their sheep’s clothing.” False prophets hope it will validate their false prophecy of a great end-times revival. They are flocking to the revival like pigs to a corn convention. Would they race to a true revival? No. View article →


Rick Warren, Francis Chan, and the Kansas City False Prophets to Join Asbury ‘Revival’

The Asbury Revival: Is it Real?

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