Disney World was our destination. What I found could be the end for a beloved American company

“Magic Kingdom closed the Splash Mountain ride because … well, no one is really sure why. The movie on which it is based is called “Song of the South,” and the film is referred to as “controversial” in articles about the ride closing, but it’s unclear what that controversy is.”  

(Karol Markowicz – Fox News) I hold grudges against companies. We don’t wear Nike, because the company embraced America-hating former quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and for a family with two immigrant parents, blessed to be Americans, we cannot abide this. I stopped using Gillette products when their ad tore into boys and men as angry possible rapists….

I have a husband, a brother and two sons and will not allow males to be depicted like that for advertisement. And our family canceled a trip to Disney World last year after the company inserted itself into the political debate over Florida’s Parental Rights Law. Manhattan Institute senior fellow Chris Rufo showcased leaked videos from inside the company openly discussing “adding queerness” into children’s programming.

Barring Disney from our lives didn’t feel great. This is a storied American company. Its success is the epitome of the American dream. I wanted a path back to being a Disney family and looked for signs that it had learned its lesson. View article →




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