Are evangelical leaders as courageous as J.K. Rowling?

“…it is surely now time that the flagship evangelical organizations speak out too, using their broad appeal and status to have a real impact on the debate. It would be wonderful if Christianity Today were to run a series of detransition narratives, or Wheaton College host a conference on the damage that trans ideology is doing to children and to families. Such things would help confused parents and pastors.”

(Carl Trueman – World) It is a well-established trope today that evangelical Christians were on the wrong side of cultural debates in the past and that present generations must therefore do public penance, whether the issue is racism or sexism or whatever. That raises the question of what issues the evangelical establishment might be misjudging today that will lead to future disdain towards this generation of evangelical leadership. Here is my suggestion: the issue of transgender ideology.

Why do I say this? Two reasons: first, transgender ideology is leading to the promotion of medical practices that mutilate the bodies and permanently ruin the lives of children too young to elect to have a tattoo. Second, it is destroying women’s rights through its impact on private spaces, safety, and (trivial but true) sports. Given that both the political and the medical establishment are fully on board with this madness, we might say that we are living at a moment when the institutionalized abuse of women and children is not just grotesque. It is also catastrophic. View article →


Detransitioner Chloe Cole announces lawsuit against hospital for performing ‘gender-affirming’ surgeries on her as a minor


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