Hershey’s Hates Women on International Women’s Day

Hershey’s doesn’t know that this trans woman is a man?

“This is political indoctrination of the masses, and Hershey’s is an enthusiastic partner in it. I don’t think I ever need Hershey’s chocolate again as long as I live. The indoctrination is bad enough, but pretending a man is a woman to erase women is a step too far.”

(Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) For International Women’s Day, Hershey’s Canada has released five limited editions “HER for SHE,” chocolate bars featuring the faces of five women to “shine a light on women and girls who inspire us every day.”

The chocolate bars feature Autumn Peltier, an Indigenous rights and water activist; Naila Moloo, a teenage climate innovator; Rita Audi, a gender and education equality activist; Kélicia Massala, the founder of Girl up Québec; and Fae Johnstone, a transgender activist and the executive director of consulting firm Wisdom2Action, reports CBC. View article →


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