The Left Is Driving Our Children Insane

(The Patriot Post) Vice President Kamala Harris addressed a climate conference in Florida last week.  During her remarks, she spoke about the “climate mental health” struggles that many children and younger adults are facing today.

Harris said some young adults are worried about starting a family.  Why?  Because AOC says the world will be destroyed in 12 years.  That was five years ago, so we’ve only got seven years left.

This is insane!

Climate change isn’t causing mental health issues.  The left’s apocalyptic rhetoric is causing mental health issues!  That’s what the left has done to our children.  They’ve scared our kids to death.

COVID hysteria did tremendous psychological damage to our children.  When they’re not explaining sodomy to kindergartners, they’re telling little kids that global warming is killing Santa’s reindeer. View article →



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