‘We Were Wrong’ – Evidence Shows ‘Puberty Blockers are Neither Safe Nor Reversible’ Says Canadian Doctor Who Helped Pioneer Puberty Blocker Drugs

“Blocking the sexual development of children is a highly authoritarian intervention.  Children are asexual, and so they can’t understand the impact of impaired sexual function.  We are roughly 10 years into this large-scale experiment and already we have reports on issues with cognitive development, bone mineral density, and fertility.  All the up-to-date evidence shows that puberty blockers are neither safe nor reversible.

(Brian Lupo – Gateway Pundit) Dr. Susan Bradley, who helped pioneer “gender affirming care” in Canada, has now spoken against the popular model of “gender affirming care” by placing children on puberty blockers, according to an interview with the Daily Caller.

Dr. Bradley founded the Child and Adolescent Gender Identity clinic in Toronto, Canada in 1975 began to issue puberty blockers to children around the early 2000s.  Prior to the medication, she used more traditional forms of therapy such as talking with her patients.  In her interview with the Daily Caller, Dr. Bradley stated in regards to the puberty blocker medication… View article →



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