Rick Warren Says Denying Women the Pastorate is Racist and Saddleback Will Appeal Disfellowship to Fight the ‘Inquisition’

“Rick Warren is just fine teaching people things under the authority of scripture that he is not confident are actually correct. One wonders which of Warren’s teachings he is okay being uncertain about – could he be wrong about the deity of Christ? The virgin birth? Could he be wrong about his purported belief in salvation by faith alone?”

(David Morrill) Perhaps no single individual has done as much to stunt the spiritual growth of and sear the modern American evangelical conscience than Rick Warren. With his Peter Drucker-mentored corporatization of the church, his Schuller-inspired, man-pleasing “gospel,” and his endless ability to taint every so-called solid minister to include John Piper and Al Mohler on his way to becoming the king of dollar store, bargain bin Christianity, Rick Warren’s career has been nothing short of infamous.

Warren’s brand of cheap, biblically-devoid, “I’m lovin’ it” Christianity has been the junk food that fattened up the American McChurch with so many empty spiritual calories that, even if we knew the race we were supposed to run many of us couldn’t do it. View article →


Research: Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven, Seeker Sensitive, Market Driven


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