‘Trans Day of Vengeance’ Canceled

“It is a cult. One that has massive social capital and resources. It is a cult based on a social contagion targeting the emotionally vulnerable with techniques and psychological tools that actively foster depressive mental patterns. It is a cult that makes a public suicide pact. They destroy their bodies in the pursuit of becoming the opposite gender. They change their names and pronouns and claim that if you use their given name — the one their parents gave them at birth — you are “deadnaming” them…”

(Emmy Griffin – The Patriot Post) Saturday, April 1, was intended to be April Fools’ Day the “Trans Day of Vengeance,” but the “it’ll be peaceful we swear” protests in DC were called off by the organizers due to what they claim were “credible threats” against the community.

The whole rally was intended to be a protest against their supposed “genocide.” The cancellation, therefore, makes them a double victim — or so they claim. Is this really the case? Let’s unpack “trans rights” and all that the activists stand for, the ideology they defend, and the name of the march in light of the Nashville hate crime perpetrated by a woman claiming to be a man.

The trans community claims to be marginalized, bullied by conservative politicians and the religious, and threatened out of their very existence. They said they just wanted tolerance and acceptance by society, but we all knew it would never stop there. They want to use the bathroom and locker rooms of their choice. Wi Spa and Lia Thomas weren’t enough. They want people to use their chosen pronouns. They have even convinced some school districts to severely punish kids who “misgender” a classmate or teacher. They want to be more than affirmed. They want everyone to celebrate and cheer them on even as they dress in drag and dance provocatively in front of small children at “family friendly” drag shows. They want children to have access to “gender-affirming” care, which entails puberty blockers, hormone therapies, and cosmetic and gender mutilation surgeries. View article →



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