Pentagon Leaks Imply World War III Has Already Begun

(Kevin Downey JR – PJ Media) Remember when leftist harpies screeched that Trump would start World War III? They were only off by one president.

According to a leaked document dated March 23, 2023, the UK, the United States, and several other European nations have boots on the ground in Ukraine.

What the Leaked Document Tells Us
  • There are roughly 50 British special forces troops in Ukraine.
  • Latvia has 17 troops in Ukraine, France has 15, and the U.S. has 14 elite troops on the ground.
  • The leaked documents do not reveal where the troops are located or in what capacity they are being utilized.

We also know the U.S. has already sent troops to Taiwan as Chinese ships have taken offensive positions around the island nation. View article →



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