The Dangers of AI

(Brian Mark Weber – The Patriot Post) Remember when artificial intelligence was the stuff of science fiction?

Not long ago, we were introduced to ChatGPT, a powerful chatbot designed to replicate human speech and thought. At the time, a reporter for The New York Times boasted that “ChatGPT is, quite simply, the best artificial intelligence chatbot ever released to the general public.”

No one doubts the impressive ability of the system to generate ideas at the stroke of a computer key….

Immediately, though, red flags went up in the academic world. Suddenly, students could ask their computers to write essays on any topic imaginable. Need a five-pager on a Robert Frost poem? You’ve got it in minutes. How about a history term paper? Not a problem. Even literature magazines had to wonder whether their poetry submissions were the product of creative students or ChatGPT. View article →



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