Southern Baptist Convention ERLC President Throws Denomination’s Support Behind Gun Control

“In a three-page letter addressed to the lieutenant governor and the entire legislative body, Leatherwood implied that the large number of Southern Baptists in Tennessee, which comprise 1/5 of the state’s population, were behind the law, accusing those who oppose the red flag law of using “weapons of partisan warfare.” The letter fails to address the clear pro-LGBT motive in the shooting.,,,”

(Paul Brown) Brent Leatherwood, President of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, the convention’s political lobbying organization, has thrown the support of the ERLC behind proposed red flag gun control laws in his home state of Tennessee. Under a bill proposed by Governor Bill Lee and supported by Leatherwood, courts would have the ability to remove firearms from the possession of those deemed “extreme risk,” a mechanism that violates individual gun owner rights by infringing on constitutional due process.

Leatherwood has three children who attend Covenant School, the site of the recent shooting by trans-identifying Audrey Hale, a sexually deviant mentally ill woman whose mental illness led her to play dress up as a man, all the while insisting that society play along and accept her delusion. While authorities have not released all of Hale’s manifesto, as it doesn’t fit the gun-control narrative of the mainstream media, it is clear that Hale, a former student of Covenant, chose the school as the target site for her murderous deeds because she despised conservative Christians who opposed the LGBTQ agenda and was familiar with the site as a gun-free zone. Just weeks before the shooting, the state of Tennessee passed a wide-ranging law bill banning puberty blockers for children, genital mutilating surgeries for children, and drag shows for children.  View article →



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