What Are They Hiding About the Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto?

“The manifesto may show that this person was ill-treated by people on the Right, or it may prove that those in the trans community, and for that matter the Left, are not the blameless, selfless victims they have made themselves out to be. And I suspect that there is far too much money and far too many egos, reputations, deals, and political ambitions involved to allow the information in the shooter’s writings to be published. And so the sin will remain unexpiated.”

(Lincoln Brown – PJ Media) A short time back, our editor-in-chief said that there had been a school shooting in Nashville, and asked if anyone would cover it. I wrote the first story about it for PJ Media….

It wasn’t the first time I had ever written about human tragedy or cruelty. And I have hated doing it every time. I always feel like Judas collecting his 30 pieces of silver from someone else’s suffering.

Be that as it may, the Nashville shooting mattered, and not just because it gave the Left more talking points about the evils of gun ownership. After all, if we are being honest, the Left can come up with talking points about the evils of gun ownership over a skeeball game. What the Nashville murders revealed was the level of disconnect affecting the transgender movement. As did the fact that everyone from the White House on down seemed to be less concerned with the victims and their families than with the transgender community. Also conspicuously absent from the debate has been the incendiary language that that community has used. View article →



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