Huge Fox News Settlement Raises Stakes for Christians Who Made Similar Statements

(Steve Rabey – Ministry Watch) Lies have consequences, as Fox News confirmed when it agreed to pay Dominion Voting Systems $787.5 million for repeatedly broadcasting election fraud falsehoods that defamed the company. Fox faces more lawsuits.

So do five Christian influencers who used their public platforms to make statements similar to the ones that cost Fox hundreds of millions of dollars.  Attempting to hold these Christian influencers accountable is Dominion executive Eric Coomer, who was doxed, faces death threats, and repeatedly changes residences to protect his family’s safety.

MinistryWatch has confirmed that Coomer’s defamation lawsuits against 15 people and entities continue, but have been slowed by pre-trial jockeying.

“They’re ongoing,” said Steve Skarnulis, an attorney with the Colorado law firm Cain & Skarnulis. He declined to offer further information. View article →



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