$100 Million Offer Made to Tucker Carlson for New Broadcast Role

“Wherever Tucker Carlson ends up, he has things to say that the public is anxious to hear. How long before the public gets its way?”

(Greg Byrnes – PJ Media) On Tuesday, Valuetainment Television made a public $100 million, five-year contract offer to Tucker Carlson, plus ownership shares in the company. Carlson is still under contract to News Corp., however, and his Tucker Carlson Today shows are still in the archive lineup. But his sidelining has created a media feeding frenzy. Newsmax also seems to be in the hunt….

Backchannels — and in the case of Valuetainment, a publicity-grabbing front channel — have opened up as media companies hope to steal market share on the Right from the Fox News Channel.

When Tucker Carlson Tonight was canceled by the Fox News Channel, the outspoken print and broadcast journalist completed a personal career trifecta. Who else has been kicked to the curb by CNN, MSNBC, and now FNC? Television does make strange bedfellows. It also says a lot about Carlson’s independent streak as a journalist that he has such a diverse group of opponents. He seems to have afflicted the powerful and comforted the afflicted right across the political spectrum. View article →


Tucker Carlson saga


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