Let’s Play, Who’s the President

Watch the video.

(Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) Who is running the United States of America? Is it Joe Biden? Looking at it realistically, given the destruction we’ve seen, it’s possible but highly unlikely. He’s almost zombie-like as he reads mindlessly from a teleprompter. His response time is generally slow, or he responds with a platitude or a nasty crack he thinks is funny.

While never particularly smart, he is nothing compared to what he was….

Look at past clips and compare them with today as he wanders aimlessly to find exits, trips on words, reads cues off teleprompters, and says he’ll get in trouble for answering a particular question. Have you seen his cue cards, telling him the simplest things like walk in, greet so-and-so, sit down, call on a certain reporter, and here’s her photo? View article →



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