Tucker Laughs While the Bloodbath Continues at Fox News

“Tucker seems to be having a blast, saying whatever he wants without some faux-conservative network honcho ordering him to reel it in, to tone it down.”

(Stephen Green – PJ Media) Tucker Carlson seems to be enjoying his time away from his now-defunct Fox News show, while the network’s primetime lineup continues its descent into ratings nothingness.

Last week I reported that “young people have abandoned Fox News in primetime” following Tucker’s abrupt removal from his popular 8 p.m. weeknight talk show….

“Young people” in this context refers to the 25-54 year-old demographic prized by advertisers, AKA “the demo.”

ASIDE: I’ll pause here for a moment while I ponder the fact that this time next year I’ll no longer be in the demo. Continue to prize me, advertisers, prize me! View article →


Tucker Carlson saga


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