Taking a Biblical Stand Against the LGBTQ Movements Assault on Life

“The Scripture, in Matthew 18:6, reveals that leading children into sin is a dangerous pursuit, inevitably results in death and destruction.” 

(The Dissenter) The Bible asserts, with unyielding conviction, that when God passes judgment upon a nation, He subjects them to a whirlwind of unbridled sexual immorality. Delving into Romans 1, we discover that this phenomenon transcends mere sexual anarchy; it surpasses the bounds of libertinism. This is not some chaotic carnival where one can pick and choose their involvement in this movement. In this grand spectacle, personal choice is an illusion.

In the realm of our modern society, abstaining from this ever-evolving sexual revolution is akin to attempting to halt the waves of the ocean with one’s bare hands. We are relentlessly urged to not only accept and tolerate this tidal wave of social transformation but to actively celebrate it. Resisting this force exposes us to the dire consequences brought forth by a society unwaveringly committed to expanding the reach of the LGBTQ movement, ensuring its pervasive influence touches every corner of our lives—be it through government, schools, the workforce, or even private institutions. View article →



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