CNN issues statement in defense of Kaitlan Collins and its town hall with Trump

“Suddenly, show hosts and liberal pundits who have been on vacation from their fact-checking skills during Biden’s administration decided it was time to counter every statement Trump made. They came to the defense of the woman who accused Trump of sexual assault but ignored Tara Reade’s accusations against Biden…Joe Biden lies every time he speaks yet they never acknowledge that. That’s just Joe.”

(Karen Townsand – Hot Air) CNN hosted a town hall with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump Wednesday night. CNN morning show host Kaitlan Collins was the moderator. The event was the first of many campaign events to come. CNN was outmatched.

I don’t want to talk about each topic and how Trump answered questions about the past. Trump is Trump. If you are a Trump supporter, you loved the town hall. If you are a NeverTrumper, your hair is on fire over the event. The thing that this town hall exposed is the rank hypocrisy of the left and their minions in the media. The left is incapable of arguing political points and philosophy anymore. Instead, the left just wants any opposing opinions to be shut down, squelched instead of allowed to debate. Most importantly, if something is said that the left does not agree with, the default position is to call that opinion a lie. View article →



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